2014 Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference, Arlington, March 27-29

“Other Weltys” [session one]
Chair: Harriet Pollack, Bucknell University
1. “Another Memory: Welty’s Reconceptualization of Joyce’s ‘Araby’,” Alison Graham Bertolini, North
Dakota State University
2. “Comparing ‘Big Houses,’ Comparing ‘Souths’: Eudora Welty’s Delta Wedding and Elizabeth Bowen’s
The Last September,” Isadora J. Wagner, University of Mississippi
3. “Eudora Welty as American Playwright,” Stephen M. Fuller, Middle Georgia State College
4. “Otherness, Sexuality, and Alternative Public Spheres in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and Eudora
Welty’s ‘June Recital’,” Boosung Kim, Texas A&M University

“Other Weltys” [session two]
Chair: David McWhirter, Texas A&M University
1. “Queer Welty in The Golden Apples,” Ikuko Takeda, Louisiana State University
2. “Blues Welty: Uranus Knockwood and Black Oral Poetry in ‘Powerhouse’,” Jacob Agner, University of
3. “Other Weltys, Other Winds,” Julia Eichelberger, College of Charleston
4. “The Late Eudora Welty, Undead,” Harriet Pollack, Bucknell University