The Ruth Vande Kieft Prize

The Ruth Vande Kieft Prize, sponsored by the Eudora Welty Society, is awarded annually for the best essay on Eudora Welty by a beginning scholar. The prize carries with it an award of $150, and the prize-winning essay will be published in Eudora Welty Review.

The competition is open to applicants who have not held a full-time academic appointment for more than four years. Independent scholars and graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Essays should be 20-30 pages (including notes), original, and not under submission elsewhere or previously published. Send submissions (4 copies, produced according to current MLA style, and with return postage enclosed) and a brief curriculum vitae to:

Pearl McHaney, Editor
Eudora Welty Review
English Dept., Georgia State Univ.
PO Box 3970
Atlanta, GA 30302-3970

Author’s name should not appear on the typescripts. Please identify essays as submissions for the Ruth Vande Kieft Prize.

Decisions about regular publication are also made at the same time as the prize decision.
Deadline: July 1 of each year

Eudora Welty Research Fellowship

The Eudora Welty Foundation and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) are delighted to announce the 2012 Eudora Welty Research Fellowship, to encourage and support research use of the Eudora Welty Collection and related materials at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History by graduate students.

One competitive fellowship of $1,000 will be offered for research conducted in summer 2012. The stipend may be used to cover travel, housing, and other expenses during their stay in Jackson, Mississippi.

Additional information is available on the MDAH Web site mdah.state.ms.us/fellowship.pdf.

EWS Graduate Student Travel Award

The Eudora Welty Society is proud to announce the recipient of the 2011 Graduate Student Travel Award. Adrienne Akins earned her PhD at Baylor University in the spring of 2011 and is an assistant professor at Mars Hill College. Her dissertation is entitled "Education and Cultural Memory in American Fiction Post-Brown v. Board: Ernest Gaines, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Eudora Welty." Adrienne's publication record is already impressive, with articles published in Mississippi Quarterly and Southern Quarterly, among others, and forthcoming articles in the Eudora Welty Review and the Southern Literary Journal. Her presentation at ALA is entitled ""'Now what did you want to tell that for?': Violence and Silencing in Losing Battles."

Phoenix Award

In its first issue, Pieces of News announced the creation of the Phoenix, a bi-annual award to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of Welty studies. Recipients of the Phoenix thus far are:

2011-12 Suzan Harrison
2009-10 Rebecca Mark
2007-08 Harriet Pollack
2005-06 Gail Mortimer
2003-04 Dawn Trouard and Carey Wall
2001-02 Danièle Pitavy-Souques
1999-00 Ruth D. Weston and Michael Kreyling
1997-98 Albert Devlin and Suzanne Marrs
1995-96 Noel Polk and Peggy Whitman Prenshaw
1993-94 Ruth Vande Kieft and William U. McDonald The 2009-2010 recipient of the Phoenix Award is Rebecca Mark, Associate Professor at Tulane University. Mark's contributions to Welty scholarship have been significant, with numerous essays published along with her groundbreaking 1995 book, The Dragon's Blood: Feminist Intertextuality in Eudora Welty's The Golden Apples. In addition to her contributions as a scholar, Mark has been an active member of the Eudora Welty Society, serving as vice president and president from 2002-2006. The award was presented at the American Literature Association conference last spring in San Francisco.


                                     Rebecca Mark and Mae Claxton

The 2003-2004 Phoenix Award was presented to Dawn Trouard at SSSL, in Chapel Hill, NC, Mar 27, 2004. (Top image) and Carey Wall at ALA, in San Francisco, May 29, 2004.

Congratulations to these two Founding Members, who continue to sustain the Eudora Welty Society with their distinguished achievements in service and scholarship!

Cary Wall Phoenix Award

Daniele Pitavy Souques (center), Francois Pitavy (left), Dawn Trouard (right) at the 2nd International Eudora Welty Conference in Rennes, France October 17-19, 2002, where Pitavy Souques received the Phoenix Award.

Phoenix award

Suzanne Marrs presents the Phoenix Award to Ruth Weston, at SSSL conference in Orlando, April 2000.

Phoenix award

Inaugural Phoenix Awards.