2015 American Literature Association Conference, Boston, May 21-24

Eudora Welty and Social Class: Session I
Chair: Julia Eichelberger, College of Charleston
1. “‘Out of a Fit of Pure-D Jealousy’: Re-Deployment of ‘Southern’ Class Under the Cold War in The
Ponder Heart,” Shinji Ohno, University of Mississippi
2. “Welty’s Classism,” Jolene Hubbs, University of Alabama
3. “’Because we live here, don’t we, Miss Jenny?’: Geographic Uncertainty in Welty’s ‘At the Landing,’”
David Russell, Lock Haven University

Eudora Welty and Social Class: Session II
Chair: Barbara Ladd, Emory University
1. “The Issue of Class in Welty’s Autobiographical Girl Stories,” Harriet Pollack, Bucknell University
2. “Transformative Performances: Eudora Welty’s Parade Photographs,” Annette Trefzer, University of
3. “Middle-Class Welty,” David McWhirter, Texas A&M University