Call for Papers

Eudora Welty Review

The Eudora Welty Review invites essays and notes of general interest to Welty studies for the Spring 2023 issue.

The 2023 EWR will feature a special section dedicated to Welty and Ecology. Eudora Welty’s stories attest to her acute attention to the natural world, an interest fed in part by her devotion to her garden. Always careful, as she puts it, to depict “the moon in the right part of the sky,” Welty portrayed nature as both setting and agent. The EWR seeks essays that examine the intersection of Welty’s work with ecology, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, and the ecogothic. Also of interest are essays exploring environmental concerns in Welty’s fiction, from the clear-cutting of farmland in the Delta to the logging in the hills of Mississippi. Papers that compare Welty’s works with those of other writers are welcome as well. Send any queries at any time to EWR associate editor Sarah Ford at

Please also note our new “seminar roundtable” section, featured in the 2019 and 2021 issues. If you are teaching Welty in undergraduate, graduate, or avocational constructs and want to select and edit 3-5 essays to submit for potential publication, please contact EWR associate editor Rebecca Harrison at

The due date for submission of all essays and notes is September 1st; send to EWR editor Pearl McHaney at

Welty and Women's Studies/FeminismWe are seeking proposals for a special double issue of the journal Women’s Studies; An Interdisciplinary Journal on the work of Eudora Welty in the context of women's studies/feminism. Contending with a writer famous for declaring that she did not need to “crusade” and hesitant about the label “feminist,” scholars in the past have examined in helpful ways how Welty’s work undertakes the task of exploring gender. However, given new conversations in the fields of intertextuality, materialist studies, ecofeminism, and gender studies, further conversation or even a reappraisal is certainly due. Please send a statement of interest and an abstract by September 1, 2022, to and Full-length essays will be due by March 1, 2023.

Eudora Welty, Multimedia Interactions, and Modernism.

Critical Perspectives on Eudora Welty, University Press Mississippi

This volume will investigate Welty’s work and its interactions with multi-media influences such as advertising, film, journalism, magazine culture, music, photography, pulp fiction, radio, theater, television (topics in bold are especially needed, but all topics welcome)––that is to say, with all forms of media influence and interaction. The collection may reveal Welty as a modernist, working with the same kinds of technological changes as such writers as Eliot or Joyce (for example), but ––being a Mississippi woman meeting and appreciating change––welcoming the modern. Proposals due by June 30 and early drafts due by August 15, 2022 (negotiable), please send to Drop her a line now if theres a topic that you might pursue.